About the collection

about-imgHi! I’m Justin Lee and the Iomega Collection is my ancient coin collection. It is a gathering of ancient coins (over 450 coins and growing) spanning in ranges from proto-money from the Black Sea area circa the 6th century BC through the typical anonymous folles of the Byzantine empire about a millennia ago. I first started collecting ancient coins in May of 2017, and after finding the community on CoinTalk ancient coin forum, have dived headfirst into the hobby.

Though I appreciate all ancient coins, there are a handful of areas that I am deeply interested in and have set out to develop my expertise and collection focus within. I have gathered these into specific sub-collections for you to explore:

Or feel free to peruse any of the coins, like in the All Coins category or any other category, or use the various tags presented in the Tags cloud to navigate to whatever interests you.

And, of course, thank you for checking out my collection and please reach out if you have any questions or comments!